We aim to improve the livelihoods of farmers and their families through progressive farming that decreases input costs, increases production, connects them with financial networks, and takes full advantage of government assistance. 

Crop Conservation

A sustainable agriculture production system comprising a set of farming practices adapted to the requirements of crops and local conditions of each region, whose farming and soil management techniques protect the soil from erosion and degradation, improve its quality and biodiversity, and contribute to the preservation of the natural resources, water and air, while optimizing yields.

Soil & Water Conservation

Also known as a farmers’ co-op, is a cooperative where farmers pool their resources in certain areas of activity. A broad typology of agricultural cooperatives distinguishes between agricultural service cooperatives, which provide various services to their individually farming members, and agricultural production cooperatives, where production resources (land, machinery) are pooled and members farm jointly.

Agriculture cooperative societies, Direct Market Access & E-Marketplace

In recent years, there has been a consensus among development practitioners and academics that improving market access for smallholders will lead to improvement in income and food security. This notwithstanding, market failures often limit smallholders’ ability to be linked to markets.

Agri Startups Support

The Agri startups are not only creating new jobs which means more employment but are also leaving a ripple effect on the socio-economic fabric of the demography in which they are operating. The world has become a playfield for these young entrepreneurs as the global agri startup revolution continues to grow.

Rural Development