November 18, 2016

Back To Nature : Connoisseur Choice

The phrase says it all! It is not just a bungalow or farmhouse scheme where a piece of land is available with constructed area consisting of all modern amenities, it is paradise itself! Set in the lush green landscape, being beautifully crafted in the lap of Mother Nature.

The whole scheme is spread over the virgin landscape measuring 600 acres surrounded by hills, valleys, dense forests and enchanting springs where you can listen to the whispering sounds of cool breeze , melodious tunes of colourful birds and naughty noises of running springs.
What makes BTN a piece of PARADISE is its Topography, Location, Vastu Plan , Architectural Theme , Amenities, Lavishness and its Accessibility.


• The site is located in Bhatsai, Varwade, Vani , Taluka Roha.

• Project is connected by the National & State Highways

• The site consists of a number of small hillocks and covers an area of 3000 acres of reserved forest.

  • Along with the Back To Nature, the forest zones would be retained as well. These forest zones have exotic views and could potentially be developed as sunrise and sunset points.