November 18, 2016

African Safari : An Adventure Resort

Based on the theme of adventure, thrill, entertainment and romance, African Safari is being conceived and developed to accommodate the wild and thrilling desires in the surroundings of the forest and Mountain. Spread over 21 acres on the top of the hill of Pali, the resort features different types of adventures and entertainment to rejuvenate you even as you relax your mind and body.

As the name suggests, each and every aspect of the project is being designed to bring the perfect blend of rustic and modern life style, its architectural theme, its environment, its adventure & entertainment zones or its food.

The zone provides ample space for nature lovers, adventure lovers, sport enthusiasts …. across all age groups. It is an ideal place for those who like to touch new heights of Thrill, Adventure and Romance.

Architectural theme:

Being developed on the theme of adventure, entertainment and romance the structure of the resort would give a feel and look of some remote savage African Village with modern facilities.

Each cottage will be constructed keeping in view an aura of thrill. The interiors of the rooms will be designed to feel the essence of Africa. A big multi cuisine Restaurant constructed over 4000 sq ft. with facility of round the clock service will cater to the guests.