November 18, 2016


construction_site_oshaInfrastructure is a big business area for the Progressive India Group. In recent years, a tremendous surge in economy has positively impacted Indian businesses and attracted a large number of economies across the globe.

Looking at the present scenario there is an urgent need to develop infrastructure so as to keep the economy flourishing. Moreover to unleash its full potential, India has to ameliorate infrastructural facilities through the active participation of both public and private sectors while inducing innovative technologies and introducing new growth prospects.

There are three  Group companies; Progressive India Infra Limited (PIIL), Ratnagiri Infra Development Limited (RIDL) and Maharashtra SEZ Development Limited (MSDL) engaged in this sector with diversified interests in setting up Infrastructure projects in various sectors.

With its excellent track record and dynamism in every project, it is developing, widening and upgrading the projects which will promote better lifestyle hence giving a boost to the economy and contributing in infrastructural growth of the nation. It has completed several projects well ahead of the schedule due to our strong project management and execution skills.

While moving confidently towards the pathways of dynamic success the progressive India Group companies are proactively pursuing to acquire various prestigious infrastructural projects with Pan India presence in every state in the near future.

Today, PIIL, RIDL and MSDL leads Indian Realty Group’s forays into development of infrastructure projects itself and on PPP basis across sectors such as SEZs, Townships, Industrial Estates, Transportation, Urban and rural Infrastructure with specific focus on Sports, Educational and Entertainment infrastructure, Industrial, Commercial & Residential Complexes and Agricultural Infrastructure.

Apart form this, these companies also provides integrated and comprehensive professional services and solutions towards development of infrastructure projects and related components from project conceptualization to project implementation.