November 18, 2016


traditional-agriculture_f3f8ba321ed6c758The Progressive India Group has made foray into agribusiness. The Group also provides contract manufacturing facilities and valuable research inputs to institutional buyers through group company, Maharashtra Agro Development Limited (MADL).

Maharashtra Agro Development Limited (MADL) is a company of Indian Realty Group and is one of the leading diversified agribusiness company in Maharashtra dedicated to improving the productivity of Indian farmers by innovating products and services that sustainably increase crop and livestock yields.

The company develops vast chunk of barren land into cultivable with the help of modern scientific technology and promotes the proper conditions for farming so that planting, harvesting and processing of crops can be done effectively, which ultimately can increase productivity and reduce poverty and save lives.

MADL’s pre-eminent position as one of India’s leading corporate in the agricultural sector is based on strong and enduring farmer partnerships that has revolutionized and transformed the rural agricultural sector. A unique rural digital infrastructure network, coupled with deep understanding of agricultural practices and intensive research, has built a competitive and efficient supply chain that creates and delivers immense value across the agricultural value chain.

One of the largest producers of agri-products of the country, MADL sources the finest of Indian Feed Ingredients, Food Grains, Marine Products, Processed Fruits, Spices, Coffee and Tea. MADL’s unique strength in this business is the extensive backward linkages it has established with the farmers. This networking with the farming community has enabled MADL to build a highly cost effective procurement system.

MADL has made significant investments in web-enabling the Indian farmer. Farmers use this rural digital technology infrastructure to access on-line information from MADL’s farmer-friendly website. Data accessed by the farmers relate to the weather, crop conditions, best practices in farming, ruling international prices and a host of other relevant information.

Supporting the rural digital Infra network are MADL’s procurement teams, handling agents and contemporary warehousing facilities across India, enabling its agribusiness to source identity-preserved merchandise even at short notice. MADL’s processors are handpicked, reliable high quality outfits who ensure hygienic processing and modern packaging. Strict quality control is exercised at each stage to preserve the natural flavour, taste and aroma of the various agri products. In line with its mission of improving the quality of life in rural India, MADL has launched a flagship extension programme or demonstration plots to help farmers enhance farm productivity by adopting agricultural best practices. This initiative has covered over lots of hectares and has a multiplier impact and reaches out to million farmers.

In line with its strategy of achieving a higher order of value capture, the business also focuses on the value added segment, steadily enhancing its basket of offerings with several new products. These include frozen foods, IQF (individually quick frozen) fruits, niche products like baby-food quality purees and high brix pulp and organic purees. MADL seeks to focus on this segment and exploit the market opportunity for tropical fruits and fruit products, where India has a natural advantage of growing the complete range, including exotic varieties. In Processed Fruits category, MADL planning export to several foreign countries, a wide range of Processed Fruit products made from Mango (Alphonso, Kesar & Totapuri), Guava, Papaya and Pomegranate.

MADL continues to use innovation as its core strategy to retain its position as the one-stop shop for sourcing agri-commodities in India. Besides setting benchmarks in quality, reliability and value-added services, MADL is a trendsetter in customer care particularly in commodity trading.