March 15, 2018


Oshiwara Link Plaza Comm. Premises Co. Op. Society Ltd. – Updates

Dear Members,

I would like to share my points with you.

The Society has been collecting excess monthly bills since long ( 2003 ) and wasting/using our hard earned money against us in legally proceeding including me.

Managing Committee has wasted maintenance money in beautifications and others unseen works.

Many members has encroached Open Areas/ Common Ares / Staircase / Gallery and unauthorized constructions work inside and out side of the units. The Society has not taken any strict actions against them.

I have sent letter to society for following details :-  

1. As per audit reports many members have encroached open areas, staircase, duck and other common areas in our building. What actions society has taken in last 10 years against them ?

2. The society has been charging repairing charges since long time in maintenance bills. What repair works has been done since 10 years ?

3. What are monthly expenses of society including water, electricity , Staff salary , maintenance works, watchmen and others if any ?

4. How much money society has paid to Advocate/Auditors/Federation or any institutions in last 10 years ?

5. How much money society has spent for park and parking developments?

6. What works society has done for building maintenances and beautification in last 10 years ?

7. Or any major expenses?

I have been sending Letters to the society and managing committee since 2010 but they are least bother to reply. I will start legal proceeding against them  soon. You can check here latest updates.

Thanking you.

Sanjay Sarraf

Note – I have purchased Unit No. 86 from Mr. S.G.M. Shetty and transfer procedure is to be done. )